Gluten-Free and Vegan

Great News! We now offer Gluten-Free and Vegan donuts!! We have been looking for a long time for a good gf/vegan donut and finally found one from City Cakes in SLC. So, just to be clear, we will be offering City Cakes GF/Vegan donuts at Mountain Donuts which is NOT a Gluten Free Environment. If you're okay with eating GF items in a Non GF facility then you'll be able to enjoy them just like OUR normal donuts, which are simple or gourmet.

***OUR toppings may or may not contain gluten or animal products.

Gluten Free & Vegan Options
GF/Vegan Simple Donut
GF/Vegan Gourmet Donut

Come in and let us know if they are a good gluten sensitive/vegan alternative!

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